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It's personal.
We'll tailormake a monthly selection to match your preferences perfectly.
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We take the hassle out of buying wine - delivering the best directly to your door.
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What Our Members Say.

So happy with this membership! I get a personalised box of wine each month based on my specific wine preferences AND get a wonderful welcome gift for a very affordable price (cheaper than trying to buy 6 bottles of wine at the shop). Would highly recommend!

Bernadine Pretorius

I’m Wade. It’s nice to meet you.

For 25 years, I’ve been walking between the vines, alongside those who nurture them. Over this time, I’ve built relationships that have opened cellar doors to some of the Cape’s best wines. As your personal guide to the wonderful world of wine, I’d love to open these doors for you too – connecting you with the wines you love, at prices you’re certain to relish!

Frequently asked questions.

How are my wines personally selected?
Unlike other wine clubs that get a panel of stuffy experts to tell you what you should like, we really listen. Then, we hand select wines we’re confident you’ll love. Our team of wine guides, led by Wade Bales himself, work hard to pick out the wines that are just right for you – each and every month. If you don’t like one, you’re free to send it back and we’ll replace it with another.
How many wines will I receive?
You’ll receive 6 bottles of wine every month.
How often will I get my case of wine?
Each and every month. It’ll be delivered to whichever address you choose, at a time that’s right for you. Come rain or shine. Except during global pandemics and subsequent national alcohol bans… in which case, you’ll receive all of your wine as soon as the restrictions are lifted. (Of course, that’s never going to happen right?)
Why shouldn’t I just go directly to my favourite wine farm and order from them?
Great question! Except not only do we offer better than cellar door prices on wine, but we also can give you the one thing no single wine farm can offer: the thrill of surprize. If variety really is the spice of life, don’t you want to explore what other wines (within your self-selected range and budget) might also tickle your fancy?
How much will I be charged?
It’s all up to you – you set the price when you take our quiz. There’s a level for everyone – from wine beginners and those with a tight budget, to connoisseurs with a little more cash to spend.
Is there a club mark-up on the price of my wines?
No – in fact, the exact opposite is true. We’re able to offer you wines at less-than-cellar door prices, precisely because the prices per bottle are not stipulated.
What does 100% risk-free really mean?
If you don’t like a particular wine we’ve sent you, we’ll gladly replace it – free of charge. And should you wish to cancel your membership, you’re free to do so at any time.
How do I cancel my wine subscription?
It’s as easy as starting one – simply send us an email or give us a call and we’ll do the rest.
When can I cancel my wine subscription?
You can cancel or change your subscription at any time. There are no sticky contracts or tricky T’s & C’s.
Can I give a membership as a gift?
Of course! It’s the perfect gift for anyone you love who loves wine too. You can choose between a 3-month, 6-month or ongoing gift subscription, but to ensure we send just the right wines in just the right way, get in touch with us so we can work out who to send the wine quiz to and when.

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