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With the end of the year in our sights, let’s raise our glasses of bubbly, and as we do so, enjoy and serve it with confidence…

Is there a correct way to open bubbly? Yes! Firstly, a chilled bottle of bubbly will be far less volatile than a warmer one. Remove the foil (there’s usually a little pull tag to make this easier), then loosen and remove the wire cage by turning the small wire ‘key’ that’s pressed up against the neck at the bottom of the cage. Now drape a dish towel over the cork (just in case the built-up pressure is really great). Finally, grasp the base of the bottle with your dominant hand and the cork with the other.

Don’t try to twist the cork. Instead, hold it firmly while you turn the bottle slowly. You should start to feel the cork loosen and ease into your hand.

Pro Tip: To avoid a frothy overflow, pour only about an inch of wine into each glass at first. Hold the glass at an angle as you do this so that your bubbly has the shortest fall possible. Wait a few seconds before continuing to fill.

Can I keep any leftover bubbly? Yes! Many people prefer bubbly that’s been opened the day before, as it gives the wine a chance to off-gas and cut down on any overly-intense carbonation. However you choose to store it, never try to vacuum preserve bubbles of any kind – it will suck the effervescence right out of it. Rather, grab a champagne wine stopper. This will help to keep your wine sparkling for 2-3 days. If you’re fresh out of champagne stoppers, then improvise by sticking a silver teaspoon, upside down, in the neck of the bottle.

And finally, a wise quote from Napoleon:

Champagne! In victory one deserves it, in defeat, one needs it.

That’s about everything you need to know about serving bubbly!

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